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UN-Crypto Stamps. Set of three unusual stamps.

UN-Crypto Stamps. Set of three unusual stamps.

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Designer: Sergio Baradat (United Nations)
Denominations: US$ 7.75, CHF 8,00, € 7,00
Stamp size: 25 mm x 35 mm
Sheet size: 84 mm x 55 mm
Issue format: Mini-sheets of one stamp
Printer: Royal Joh Enschedé (The Netherlands)
Process: Hexachrome, Foil
– US$ 7.75 30,000 mini-sheets
– CHF 8,00 30,000 mini-sheets
– € 7,00 30,000 mini-sheets
 United Nations Postal Administration is excited to announce the launch of its first time ever UN Crypto Stamps. The Stamps were developed in conjunction with the United Nations Office of Information, Communication and Technology and run on Ethereum Blockchain. Three mini-sheets of one stamp each in the denominations of US$ 7.75, CHF 8,00 and € 7,00 were issued on 24 November 2020.

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