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Spain- Thick Embossed and odd shaped unusual stamps.

Spain- Thick Embossed and odd shaped unusual stamps.

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Spain- Thick Embossed and odd shaped unusual stamps.

The Order of the Fratres is regarded as the origin of the Order of Santiago. According to extant references dating back to the period, it was King Fernando II of León who in the year 1170 founded the Order of the Fratres, confirmed five years later by papal bull from Pope Alexander III.

The original aim of this Order was to support the Christian Reconquest of the areas occupied by Muslims in the Iberian Peninsular and to defend pilgrims undertaking the Camino de Santiago.

Twelve knights led by Pedro Fernández, the lord of Fuentencalada, a Spanish canon and military leader, who is considered the founder and first Grand Master of the Order of Santiago.

By order of the King of León, “the Fratres” were specially concerned with defending the city of Cáceres.

En 1174, the Almohad Amir Abu Ya’qub Yusuf attacked Cáceres with the intention of restoring Muslim power on our Peninsula. Defended by the Fratres de la Espada, the city was taken by the Amir, who won the day and, what is more, had all the Christian defenders beheaded, according to history, in what is known as the Torre de Bujaco.

Although those knights died in the line of duty they had been entrusted with, the old Order of the Fratres became the Order of Santiago, which was extremely powerful and influential in Spain.

Belonging to the Order was a sign of social distinction and represented having a high purchasing power. The most prominent members of the Church and Nobility used to fill the ranks of the Order of Santiago.

The Premium Sheet of Stamps dedicated to the old medieval Order contains stamps featuring their coat of arms, displaying two crossed swords, a symbol that we can still see in some buildings in Cáceres, although members wore an outfit depicting a brilliant red sword on their chest.

Surrounded by images of that Extremadura city, the stamps are printed with a blind emboss, making them all the more special.

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