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SPAIN 2017 LEISURE AND HOBBIES. PAPYRUS-EMBOSSED FOLDABLE MS. Paper folding (Origami) Correos has created the world’s first origami stamp, in the shape of the classic bird fold, known in Spain as a “pajarita”. Paper folding is defined as the art of creating paper figures without cutting or gluing, simply by folding a paper square. The paper figures can take many forms, including flowers, animals, objects, faces or architectural elements. Paper folding originated in China in the 1st or 2nd century CE, arriving in Japan in the 6th century, where it became part of Japanese culture, and has continued to grow in popularity and complexity since then. At first, only Japan’s upper classes could enjoy it, due to the high price of paper. It was introduced to the West via the caravans of the Silk Road and spread rapidly as a cheap and easy pastime. Eventually, the two main centres of paper folding were Spain in the west, where it is called papiroflexia, and Japan in the east, with the name origami. Both countries developed a classic bird figure, which became a long-standing tradition: the crane in Japan and the pajarita in Spain. The pajarita was chosen for the first papiroflexia postage stamp for two fundamental reasons: it is a classic figure, highly recognisable all over the world as a paper folding creation; and it relates to the carrier pigeon, which was part of the origins and activity of the world’s first postal services. The stamp is based on the basic square, well known among origami enthusiasts for its simplicity and versatility. The mini sheet shows instructions on how to make the pajarita by folding the stamp along the marked lines. The stamp also incorporates Augmented Reality for downloading a tutorial on how to make the pajarita. The stamp can be used for posting a letter in both its folded and unfolded forms. We hope you enjoy folding this stamp.