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Portugal 2020 stamp-world's first stamp made of Graphene-Unusual.

Portugal 2020 stamp-world's first stamp made of Graphene-Unusual.

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Portugal stamp-world's first stamp made of Graphene

This issue’s souvenir sheet has an insert made out of graphene – a material now being used for the very first time in philately – with an engraving of the poem “Contagion” by doctor/writer Miguel Torga, written in Coimbra and dated 15 September 1951.

“A hope remains:

The optimistic constancy of dawn. The crowing cock and my neighbour The blackbird at my window

Dispel all worry and despair. Like the fallen rising anew,

The verses straighten, they are reborn,

And though uncertain, limping, carry on...”


How to activate?

Graphene being a nano material has been in the forefront research for its antimicrobial and diagnostics applications against Covid 19.

To be able to access this technology and see the message encoded in the philatelic block, you must first download the CTT Filatelia App available on the App Store or Play Store, and then bring the camera closer to your device - which must contain the technology looking for the area where NFC frequency is being used.

All the following 3 conditions must be met to have the desired effect:
1. The cell phone must have the NFC chip and the option should be activated!
2. You must a have a QR reader app installed or you can install it now after activating the NFC option! You must then proceed to install the Portuguese Post Office CTT app for which a QR is provided in the last photo (green colour) or manually install the free app from App or playstore and its called: CTT Filatelia

3. Now open the app.....then bring your cell phone in very close proximity to the stamp for the "chip" to activate the desired effect or activate the passive content on the stamp!
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