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Malaysia Crypto stamps sheet.

Malaysia Crypto stamps sheet.

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Malaysia Crypto stamps sheet

In conjunction with Malaysia Day 2022.​ Featuring 14 designers from 14 states, each stamp is proudly designed by an artist representing each state in Malaysia, encapsulating the uniqueness, beauty, essence, diversity and culture of their states.​

Not only will you get uniquely beautiful and vibrant stamps to add to your collection, but you will also get to redeem an NFT stamp for free out of 14 available with every purchase of the folder set.

This product is consisted of:

One Setem Ku stamp sheet (14 stamps)
One Folder
Three Envelopes
Three Postcards
Date of issue: 8 September 2022

Here’s how to redeem your free NFT stamp:​

STEP 1 ​

Scratch the yellow sticker at the back of the folder to reveal the unique security number.​

STEP 2 ​

You are required to have a MetaMask crypto-wallet ID to redeem. More info about downloading the app or plugin and setting up your MetaMask crypto wallet here. ​

You can also view our NFT page on ​

STEP 3 ​

Fill out the redemption form to claim your free Pos Malaysia x APOM NFT stamp. Your selected NFT stamp will be transferred into your MetaMask wallet within five (5) working days. ​
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