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Latest PPC- Aligarh locks With Inagural day cancellation.

Latest PPC- Aligarh locks With Inagural day cancellation.

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Latest PPC- Aligarh locks
Inagural day cancellation.





Pin Code - 202001

Issued Date: 03.11.2023

"City of Locks" i.e. Aligarh the city of Uttar Pradesh. which is famous for manufacturing locks.
The history of lock manufacturing in Aligarh started about 130 years ago.
This industry is the heritage of Aligarh. This is a well-established and generations-old business that has more than 6000 units with a turnover of Rs 250 crore. The locks made in Aligarh are of export quality and are used across the world. The economic foundation of Aligarh depends on this industry, here locks are made using modern and traditional methods. Heavy iron and brass locks are made using the traditional method.
Small lock manufacturing units are located all over Aligarh. The locks made here are used for domestic purposes, automobiles, steel furniture, doors, suitcases etc.
These locks are also very famous for their different designs.
To commemorate the heritage of this lock-making industry India Post has Introduced a new Permanent Pictorial Cancellation bearing the Image of the traditional Lock.
Which was designed by Dr Aditya Singh, Secretary General of the Philatelic Society of Uttar Pradesh.

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