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Kolkata Special cover on Chandrayaan-Exotic-Night Glow and Silver cancellation

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India Post , West Bengal Circle, has issued a special cover to Commemorate India's Fully Indigenous Moon Mission "Chandrayaan 2" today on 7th September, 2019 during a special function held at Heritage Rotanda at Kolkata GPO. The special has been released by CPMG, WB Circle.

This cover has many special features in it which are probably 1st if it's kind, released by India Post as their own Special Issue, which are:-

1. Full from face with Night Glow (Glow in Dark) printing
2. High Spot UV Gloss on rocket
3. Rainbow Effect Holographic Cancellation with three components of Chandrayaan-2 (Orbitar, Vikram & Pragyan) on relevant stamp issued by India Post on Earth & Moon.