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IMPERIAL STOCK BOOK, WHITE SHEET, 225 X 310 MM limited stock

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Art no. 4010

Prinz Imperial Stock Book (10 pages/20 sides, white)

The Imperial Stock book from Prinz - proves that it really still is possible to greatly improve the stock album system that has already stood the test of so many generations of use. Imperial-Stock book, 20 Sides - 225 × 310 mm Imperial-Stock book, black page 

9 glass clear foil strips with special folded over Strips

10 pages / 20 sides, black page, 225 × 310 mm

Outer cover available in 3 Colours (black/blue/wine red)

  Picture 3: Sharp edges can damage the stamps. As the edges are folded over, the stock strips are less sharp. Both the black and white page Imperial stock books are made to the same high quality and workmanship. Black pages offer an ideal contrast for stamps highlighting the stamp perforations. 

 Product Weight: 520 gram(s)