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The classic Styrian hat in a completely new version: As an embroidered stamp, it is a philatelic highlight and an exciting combination of Austrian tradition and innovation. Already in the 19th century, the Styrian suit in Styria was often worn. A famous Steireranzugträger was Archduke Johann, thus demonstrating his attachment to the common people. Thus, the rural clothes as a fashion for the "summer freshness" and for hunting also found its way into the aristocratic and bourgeois society. The gray Lodenjanker with dark green trimming traditionally also includes a Styrian hat. It is mainly made of dark gray or dark green wool felt or animal hair, the hat band is also usually dark green and is decorated with a Gamsbart (from the gray-black neck hair of the Gämsböcke) or decorated with feathers. The Styrian hat as a stamp The Vorarlberg-based company Hämmerle & Vogel based in Lustenau has been working on embroidery for 60 years. International customers such as Chanel or Oscar de la Renta rely on the expertise of the embroidery manufacturer. The philatelic of Austrian Post deliberately relies on technical innovations - with the Dirndl brand from 2016, the first embroidered stamp was issued, the current Steirerhut brand is the logical continuation. Each Styrian hat brand is made with around 6,600 needle stitches from 33 meters of embroidery thread. The hat in special "Styrian green" consists of exclusive merino sheep wool yarn from the company Schoeller from Hard in Vorarlberg. This merino wool yarn "Shaminah" impresses with a wool fiber unit of 14.5 microns - the finest and highest quality wool fiber there is. The sheep's wool used for this purpose comes from several Australian farms, which have a "Blue Sign" certification due to their sustainable textile production. The Gamsbart consists of two twisted threads in black and gray. The hat is applied on a natural background with perforation in guipure embroidery. Together with the Dirndl brand and the lederhosen brand made of Alcantara leather, the Styrian hat brand bears witness to the importance of the fashionable traditions of our country.