🚢 *Interesting story of Narottam Morarjee:*

🚢 *Interesting story of Narottam Morarjee:*

🚢 *Interesting story of Narottam Morarjee:*

His father was a pioneering textile magnate in Gujarat. But Narottam Morarjee joined hands with Gujarati Walchand Hirachand and established *The Scindia Steam Navigation Company* in 1919, the 2nd oldest shipping company of India (1st was Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company of VOC Pillai in Tamilnadu in 1906; *there is a postal stamp of him too ).*

In 1914, a sealiner called *RMS Empress of India* was sold to Scindia of Gwalior (Maharajah of Gwalior). He re-fitted it as a hospital ship for Indian troops and renamed it *Loyalty* . In 1919, Scindia Steam Navigation Company bought this ship.

💫On 5 April 1919, *navigation history was created* when she journeyed to the UK 🇬🇧 and unfurled the flag of Indian shipping in international waters, A CRUCIAL STEP for India's shipping history when sea routes were controlled by the British.

The *National Maritime Day* is therefore celebrated in India on 5 April, the anniversary of the Loyalty's journey to the UK 🇬🇧.


Courtesy- Dr Lucky S Kasat 

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