Skinner's Horse is a 1st Horse regiment of Armored Corps of Indian Army, which is still a unit of Indian Army.

Formed by *Colonel James Skinner ("Sikander Sahib"),* son of an officer in East India Company Army and Indian mother, daughter of a Rajput zamindar in Bhojpur region, *he was dashing and is referred as "father of Indian cavalry".*

Because of his Indian heritage, he was unable to serve in East India Company army. At age 16,, he entered the Maratha army, Maharaja Scindia's forces of Gwalior State.

After the 2nd Anglo Maratha War of 1803, he was dismissed with all Anglo-Indians from Maratha service. He was recruited by another Britisher, who asked him to raise a regiment of 'Irregular Cavalry' at Hansi, Haryana in service of East India Company.

The cavalry preserved the traditions of Mughal empire, had a political purpose as it absorbed cavalrymen who might otherwise become plunderers. The recruits were predominantly Indian Muslim unit.

A second regiment of Indian Cavalry was raised by him in 1814.

For his services he was granted a jagir of Hansi in Haryana), yielding Rs 20,000 a year.

😊 *In Kashmiri gate in Delhi* , he built the ST. JAMES' CHURCH, also known as SKINNER'S CHURCH, after he had vowed while lying wounded on the battlefield of Uniara in 1800, to build one if he survived. It was built at his own expense at a cost of Rs 95,000. *It the oldest church in Delhi.*


Courtesy -Dr Lucky S Kasat

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